powered inflatable boats for sale Oristano

MC Nautica Sas of Oristano offers a wide range of new boats and dinghies for sale, selected from the best brands on the market.

In the exhibition space of the company it is possible to view the hulls produced by companies of proven professionalism such as Ranieri, Faeton, Bwa, TrimarchiCantiereNautico, Valiant, Quick Silver and others, all united by continuous research in finding cutting-edge techniques and solutions with the goal of designing and building safe, high-performing and comfortable boats.

You can choose from a wide range of inflatable boats and boats with high-level outboard engines, characterised by great comfort and ample space for cruising and the enjoyment of the whole family.

You will find cruiser and sport fishing boats which combine experience, technology and avant-garde to offer a safe, comfortable, modern, functional and elegant range, suitable for the needs of the whole family.

All our hulls, with a young and avant-garde design, guarantee maximum navigational safety and are ideal for spending the whole day at sea.

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